Auto Repair in North Bellmore, NY

North Bellmore, NY

The community of North Bellmore, NY, is located in Nassau County on Long Island, about 30 miles east of Manhattan. It’s home to roughly 20,000 people, covering 2.6 square miles of land next to neighboring Bellmore, with Southern State Parkway running right through it.

The railroad was built through the area in 1867, at which time the local station was named Bellmore. In the decades to follow, the community grew toward the railroad and adopted the same name. By the 1920s, more than 3,000 people had established their homes here, along with a number of storefronts. Today, North Bellmore and Bellmore, together known as “The Bellmores,” continue to thrive as suburbs of New York City, with a direct train route into Penn Station. For air travelers, JFK Airport is conveniently located within 15 miles of North Bellmore.

Is Your Car Road Ready? Are You Road Ready? A reliable, well-running vehicle is crucial to getting around town, and the experienced team at Road Ready is proud to offer the North Bellmore community a clean, family-friendly and advanced auto repair shop that delivers top-of-the-line workmanship and efficient service. Our modern, family-run facility has been serving North Bellmore since 1990, putting customer safety first, combined with the maximum convenience. We look forward to welcoming you to our location on North Jerusalem Road.


Is your Check Engine Light on? It’s time for a trip to the Engine Repair professionals at Road Ready. Let our technicians get your car’s engine running like the day you bought it.


Your brakes are you car's biggest safety feature - are they working perfectly? Our technicians have all received advanced certification in Brake Repair, and will have your car's braking systems working like new.


We pride ourselves on offering our friends in North Bellmore and Bellmore the best in Scheduled Maintenance. Our auto repair shop offers everything from complex mechanical solutions to factory scheduled maintenance services, and we can comply with dealership warranties!


Automotive electrical systems can cause complex and frustrating issues. Our Auto Electrical Service experts can solve any electrical problem, no matter how complex.

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